You Can't Have The Blues In An Indian Summer

by Coal Moon

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Produced by Edward Lee and Coal Moon

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Edward Lee at Broken Spiral Studios in Nanaimo, BC.

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released August 30, 2013

Ryan Abbott - bass
Mat Falvai - guitar
Jesse Kennedy - guitar, vocals
Andrew Kent - drums
Raven Woods - guitar

Additional musicians:

Edward Lee - guitar, organ on track 5
Jennalee Stupich - vocals
Duncan Symonds - pedal steel, banjo

Thank you:

Stu Burke, Gerard Duncan, Winnie Ng, Erin Elmore, Jen Garceau, Ian James, Jason Playford, Kendal Pearson, Duncan Symonds, Will Hills, Katie Gilray, Everyone at Crace Mountain, Kieran Johnson, Brendan Holm, Annie Miller, Jennalee Stupich, Jamie Vike, Amanda Scott, Bob Marley, Our Moms (extra thanks to Kathy for letting us take over her basement) and Families, Spencer Rispin, Megan Boyle, In The Red CHLY 101.7fm, Shelly Miller, Gabby Marquez, Mandy Wakelam, Dylan Eddy, John Muir, Brad Wood, Drew Anderson, Tia Soby, Gareth Reeve, Peter Braga, The Brothers Dubyna, Shaun Rathy, Arlen Brown, Ed Lee, All sub-species of cutthroat trout.



all rights reserved


Coal Moon Nanaimo, British Columbia


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Track Name: You Can't Have The Blues In An Indian Summer
I remember everything but I just cannot recall
How I felt when i seen your face
Oh I just cannot recall

And I know it's over but that don’t mean
You gotta hand your life over to the leaves
There’s nothing you can do
Now if you'll please,
Grab my hand
Yell what you want to yell at me

And I know I said I’d like to float down
And sometimes I wish I’d never be found
But hey, honey, I know how it sounds
You can pour quicksilver down the stream
And find me
Track Name: Have Salt Within
My friend, won’t you have salt within? Let’s spend the winter in our own little den. I was walking down by the river and I saw god and I started to shiver and I ain’t talking about no bearded man, I’m talking about what I can see.

And that’s what surrounds me and I know she’s there and I know she cares. And I know it hurts and you don’t deserve to be nailed up on that sentinel perch because not far from here I was stabbed from behind, I laid on the banks till my blood bled dry, smiling at the sunshine underneath a sugar pine, until the winter currents took me away.

And oh I wish I could stay but I must be on my way, we’ll meet again one day?

Cold thoughts grow and the leaves they blow, one day you wake up man and what do you know: Cold and old I have grown, misanthrope nights I have surely known. Let’s rename the river and give her a crown of moss and feathers, man.

Then we’ll float down.
Track Name: It's Just So Hard To Tell
Well, you think that you know but it’s so hard to tell and I’d like to wish you, wish you well but we both know that the only truth is that nothing is ever true and my heart is nothing but a red stained glass box with a picture of you inside and it don’t unlock. I hope that’s okay with you.

I’m an old rusty crow, you’re a young platinum dove, let’s sew a wreathe of moons and love.

And I stole that horseshoe that you could never throw and we stole some shame from a scarecrow. You looked at me with those eyes, you just said that you don’t ever wanna die, I bit my tongue I didn’t ask why and hey that June grass on the corduroy road,

Just tell me which way you’d like to go.
Track Name: Young Lungs
Young lungs and softer bones never felt more alone. How did it all seem when you arrived downstream? How do you get back to the place that you left when your heart renders you so blind and deaf?

Come hither heat wave, show me your face but please don’t stick around you know I just wanted a taste. When the wax falls and all your skin is felt by the wind you’ll know that only lies melt and if the light shines on my ankles then that’s just fine, I suppose.

I remember those days, down in Albuquerque. Me and Pearlanne made a fake alien and we left it in the desert. We got on the news.

I went to Goats Bluff and I held some questions in my hand and I lost myself; I tried to understand and she said - did you hear what she said? - she said I’m too young to die and not fucked enough to try.

In my past life I could drink from any stream that my feet stood upon. My days didn’t seem like some stranger’s collection of dreams. I swear I had a heart that knew of no rage.

I fought my brother, went to the desert, forgot my name. I came back and everything was the same.

And I’ve only seen 20 starry mornings, is that enough for a young man? You said,

“No, but it will have to do. And, please, remember that can change and so can you.”
Track Name: You Are A Breeze In A Wind
Rough, rough river gold (or so I’ve been told) is what you had in that purse until the weight started to hurt

And oh sweet one, of some dark blight, tell me what did you see in that night?

You know I wish I was there but I was cutting my hair and sweeping my floors is such a bore when I could have been with you.

I know that we could pretend that we were in some old dream and it might not be the right thing but you know how it could seem.

You’re a breeze in a wind. You’re my favorite friend.
I don’t have to keep my eyes skinned
I can’t wait to look back at the end

I’m glad you never fail, you show me colors I can’t see,
Out of us who’s the coat of mail?
I think it might be more you than me.
Track Name: I Felt Some Range Of Light
I had my heart broken by a lovely thing
I felt some range of light in my early-twenties
I emptied my pockets of mistakes
We know I had too many

Come back to me

A two trick pony who never learned how to tell a lie
Went and showed me a brand new trick: how to turn a blind eye

I got stuck on a mountaintop, I couldn’t cry for help
I came down eventually but I was somebody else.

And oh, it’s the same thing in all of the same light

And oh the night what it goes and does to me
And that golden loss is the same to me
As it will ever even try to be
Unless you one day come back to me

I got stuck on a mountaintop I couldn’t cry for no help
I came down from the mountaintop
And I was somebody else

I stood right back again
And learned the same thing
In the same old light
A monolith with the wrong name
Carved in the wrong arm
On the right night
I should have looked out

Came back again
And stared at the wrong moon
I can't remember the night
When I thought it would be good
To sever all the lines
You should have looked out
Track Name: Bobby Daniels
Billy’s got some new boots. He put them on in the shade. He thought about his life for awhile, thoughts that just don’t go away. He started thinking about his broke down Ranger and how his daughter had turned into a stranger and when you’re down and out and shit out of luck, well oh it's awfully hard to give a fuck.

I had a boss named Bobby Daniels. He went to Vietnam. He left his finger in the jungle and came back a different man. He started spending all his money on liquor. He turned into a real shit kicker. He had a couple of kids he never got to know and now he’s banned from every bar in South Nanaimo.

I fell in love seven times, only three knew my name. Always the same old story: I’d find a blonde who was actually kind of lovely, but I could not get her to love me.

Then I found you.
Track Name: No Futures Bad Gold
A blue eyed canyon is what you are
I should have known it wouldn’t go that far
You’re a good sister - or so I’ve been told –
but to me you’re nothing but fools gold

I put a lot aside for you and I don’t normally do that
and that’s all I have to say about that

Now I’m going to the mountains to think about other things
I’m gonna get some real sleep and see what it brings:

No futures, Bad gold

In an Indian summer, how could you feel so down?
We live in a black diamond city
And I can’t believe you’d say you hate this town

I'd like to forget all that I regret
But I don't think it's possible
Track Name: Copper Green And A Ziploc Full Of White Crosses
I filled my canteen with the copper green. Only my dear friends know just what I mean. We burnt a brand new tambourine, on some search for vaccine.

I woke with a mind so mean and I thought about getting clean.

We sang we’ve got some fire in our eyes, the sun went away and refused to rise, the river sang but she don’t know English and that’s alright cause it’s her homeland anyway and if anything we should have been singing in her language of strong, strong, strong, strong water.

And so hold on, un-callous gold one. Don’t tie me down. You know I’ll be around.

1994, in Tulsa, your mom lived in a motel, cash wasn’t how she paid the rent you know she played it off so well. Your dad took the pickup, never said goodbye, left her a couple daughters and a fresh new shiny black eye.

Nights were spent by the lake, sometimes you’d be there for the sun rise. She’d wrap you all in a blanket and she’d wipe the tears from her green eyes. She’d have a staring contest with the dawn. She’d take off her wedding ring and she’d put it back on. She’d say:

“I’ve got two daughters with the same last name as mine, and I fear their future habits as I claw at the coattails of time...

Lord, this is not what I had planned. How could this be what you planned? Where is my savior? Where is my man? Where are you god? Because I really do not see you in this land.”

No more sage brush fright. A ziploc full of white crosses. A keyless maroon valiant helped you all escape into the night.

I’m glad that she split, I’m glad that you’re her kid. And I’m glad you’re my woman and I’m glad that you know this.

My dear.