Billy’s got some new boots. He put them on in the shade. He thought about his life for awhile, thoughts that just don’t go away. He started thinking about his broke down Ranger and how his daughter had turned into a stranger and when you’re down and out and shit out of luck, well oh it's awfully hard to give a fuck.

I had a boss named Bobby Daniels. He went to Vietnam. He left his finger in the jungle and came back a different man. He started spending all his money on liquor. He turned into a real shit kicker. He had a couple of kids he never got to know and now he’s banned from every bar in South Nanaimo.

I fell in love seven times, only three knew my name. Always the same old story: I’d find a blonde who was actually kind of lovely, but I could not get her to love me.

Then I found you.


from You Can't Have The Blues In An Indian Summer, released August 30, 2013



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Coal Moon Nanaimo, British Columbia


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