It's Just So Hard To Tell

from by Coal Moon



Well, you think that you know but it’s so hard to tell and I’d like to wish you, wish you well but we both know that the only truth is that nothing is ever true and my heart is nothing but a red stained glass box with a picture of you inside and it don’t unlock. I hope that’s okay with you.

I’m an old rusty crow, you’re a young platinum dove, let’s sew a wreathe of moons and love.

And I stole that horseshoe that you could never throw and we stole some shame from a scarecrow. You looked at me with those eyes, you just said that you don’t ever wanna die, I bit my tongue I didn’t ask why and hey that June grass on the corduroy road,

Just tell me which way you’d like to go.


from You Can't Have The Blues In An Indian Summer, released August 30, 2013



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Coal Moon Nanaimo, British Columbia


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