Young lungs and softer bones never felt more alone. How did it all seem when you arrived downstream? How do you get back to the place that you left when your heart renders you so blind and deaf?

Come hither heat wave, show me your face but please don’t stick around you know I just wanted a taste. When the wax falls and all your skin is felt by the wind you’ll know that only lies melt and if the light shines on my ankles then that’s just fine, I suppose.

I remember those days, down in Albuquerque. Me and Pearlanne made a fake alien and we left it in the desert. We got on the news.

I went to Goats Bluff and I held some questions in my hand and I lost myself; I tried to understand and she said - did you hear what she said? - she said I’m too young to die and not fucked enough to try.

In my past life I could drink from any stream that my feet stood upon. My days didn’t seem like some stranger’s collection of dreams. I swear I had a heart that knew of no rage.

I fought my brother, went to the desert, forgot my name. I came back and everything was the same.

And I’ve only seen 20 starry mornings, is that enough for a young man? You said,

“No, but it will have to do. And, please, remember that can change and so can you.”


from You Can't Have The Blues In An Indian Summer, released August 30, 2013



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Coal Moon Nanaimo, British Columbia


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